American Apothecary

Most pharmaceuticals from the 1900’s have become illegal today because of their caustic effect on the human body and their substantial abuse factor. Most people don’t know that cigarettes were prescribed to children to relieve asthma or that heroin was used as a cough suppressant. Did you know that chloroform was used during child delivery to relieve laboring pains?

American Apothecary has brought awareness to the use of illegal substances as daily medicine from years past through beautifully designed affordable fashion. The shirts are eco-friendly and the dye is water based. American Apothecary donates 10% of net proceeds to community outreach and development programs that fight drug abuse.

We at have made a commitment of donating $5.00 for every Heroin T-shirt or Tank Top sold to the foundation “There Is No Hero In Heroin,” Las Vegas chapter which brings awareness to the exponentially growing disease of heroin abuse among youth in our area. Every dollar donated is in loving memory of Reese Engle. For more information about There Is No Hero In Heroin Las Vegas Chapter please visit

It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a world to save them. Make fashion a responsibility!


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